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Opt Best Golf Batteries to Add Extra Life to Your Cart

by Yolando B. Adams

Everyone might have seen or heard about the golf cart, but does one know how this cart moves? These carts are mostly used in the golf field or lawns, and it runs on batteries. Yes, the golf cart runs off batteries, which need proper maintenances to give long life. This cart moves on batteries that are very expensive and thus require appropriate care. The golf cart batteries 6 volts have an average life of 5-6 years, but it depends on maintaining it.

Often, the golf cart has a combination of batteries, which can combine V, 8V, or even 12 V. As said, it has a combination of batteries, so you need to maintain the standard. People who look out for regular batteries or even used batteries for their golf cart will suffer in the future.

Golf Cart Batteries

How to test 6-volt golf cart batteries?

Golf batteries come in different voltages, but when you are looking for the most common, it is 6V. The combination of such 6V batteries can make it a 12V or even 48V battery for the cart. According to the manufacturer, using a 6V battery combination will be better than buying one battery of the same voltage. The replacement and price of the 6V battery are affordable as having an issue in 1 battery will need to pay for that only.

It is even possible for everyone to check whether a 6V battery is producing 6volts or not with the help of a Voltmeter. So, to do so, check out the given steps:

  • First, take the 6V battery from the golf cart and check out the polarity of the battery. Both terminals are labeled where “Pos” means” +” while “Neg” means “–.”Many times, some small rings with identification signs and red indicated positive while black shows negative. To test any battery, you must determine the terminal first to check further.
  • Get a Multimeter or Voltmeter to check the voltage of the battery. You can set the range anywhere between 0 to 12 if there is an option to set. This type of meter has wires attached where red wire shows positive and black shows negative. These wires also have a metal sensor connected at the end.
  • Now place the red wire season to the terminal’s positive side while the black wire sensor towards the battery’s negative terminal.
  • Check out the meter’s display, and if your battery is working fine, it should show 6volt. Make sure that before testing the battery, it has been charged at least by 20 percent. If the meter shows less than 5V, it’s time to charge the battery.

Even if, after charging, it does not show 6V, it’s time to replace it, as it is not working as required.

Where to buy 6-volt golf cart batteries?

It is essential to have a high-quality battery for a golf cart, so the question is where to buy it. Many brands are offering golf batteries, and so you must check out before coming to any conclusion. There are many places where one can find 6-volt golf cart batteries for sale, and looking out for such an option can make it affordable.

There are stores and an online store where such batteries are readily available. If you visit Walmart or Costco, check out golf batteries of the best brand. Yes, you can buy 6-volt golf cart batteries from Costco or Walmart and ensure you get a good battery. There are even online stores where you can easily buy these batteries at discounted prices.

How much are 6-volt golf cart batteries?

The cost of golf batteries is comparatively high, so giving a long life needs proper maintenance. The cost varies depending on the type of battery and the voltage. If you use a high voltage cart that needs a 72V battery, it might go up to $2000. But anywhere, the cost of batteries is between $ 800 to $ 1500.

Using Trojan batteries would cost you around $1300, while the same lithium-ion batteries would be around $2000. So, the type of battery you are looking for also makes the cost difference. Opt for great deals like 6-volt golf cart batteries at Walmart to make it affordable.

But be sure to avoid off-brand as it will cost you less while purchasing, but maintenance and durability will increase the cost. SO, always lookout for the best brand and try to install it yourself to save money.

How to charge 6-volt golf cart batteries with a 12-volt charger?

Charging a 6V battery with 12 V chargers will overheat the electrolyte, damaging the battery. But with few modifications, it can be done in case of emergency or unavailability of a 6V battery charger. So, to test the 6V battery with a 12V charger, follow the givens process:

  • You need to cut the charger’s battery clamps and make sure there are at least 4 inches of wire only in the clamp. You need to know which wire went in the positive terminal, and so for identification, mark it with electrical tape.
  • Strip the battery charger wires and the snipped end of the battery clamps with insulation of about half an inch.
  • You need to solder the first resistor’s lead with the positive terminal battery and the positive battery wire. In the same way, the free lead present on the second resistor must be solder with the battery’s negative wire.
  • Cover all the joints with the electrical tape only when the soldering cooldowns. In this way, it is possible to charge a 6V battery with a 12V charger.

Suppose you are looking for golf batteries, lookout for the best one that fulfills all the factors like durability, cost, and maintenance. Opting for a branded battery will be like a one-time investment and, if properly maintained, can work for at least 6-7 years. So, check various sites and look out for who has the best buy on 6-volt golf cart batteries for RV? Some on the list are Amston, Lifeline, Trojan, and many more. So, give time and check out details before coming to any conclusion.

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