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Design Trends and Ideas for Big Families This 2022

by Yolando B. Adams

There is nothing like growing a big family, especially if it’s full of love and laughter. Wanting to raise kids with a partner is a noble desire and task—and you need to have the best kind of home if you’re going to raise sons and daughters that are both healthy and happy.

If you have a big family or hoping to grow one soon, here are some essential and fun design trends and ideas you need to incorporate into your home this 2022.


Great room

The open space floor plan is one of the most significant markers of a modern home, and it’s also perfect for substantial or growing families. This room is because the whole concept is to have all the home’s common areas—the living room, kitchen, and dining area—as one ample open space, also known as the great room. The whole point is to have one big room where people can gather for socialization. It’s ideal for families that want to stay connected in a world where kids are growing up hooked on their devices.

When looking for a residential property or building your own, make sure to opt for an open space concept. Look for ones that will allow for high ceilings and oversized windows so that your kids can grow up drenched in natural light. It will make your home feel much less claustrophobic, especially if there will be so many people living and growing up in it.

For your living room, invest in a giant sectional and pepper it with throws and blankets so that your kids can feel comfortable laying in it.

Spaces for physical activity

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises that kids must have at least three kinds of physical activity:

  • Aerobics
  • Muscle-strengthening exercises
  • Bone-strengthening activities

Since the world is currently at a standstill due to rising COVID-19 cases, homes need to be where your family members can always move their bodies and exercise.

Consider having a sports court surfaced and have a tennis or basketball court built into your yard. You can also convert one of your spare rooms to create a game room and a home gym. Make sure your kids grow up in an environment where exercise and sports are part of your everyday lives and not something they have to do out of duty or responsibility. Make it fun and comfortable by reminding them that exercise can help them feel happier and more cheerful every day.

Homework stations

Aside from your home office, you will also need to set up some homework stations, especially if the kids’ bedrooms don’t have enough space for them. Take into account the following:

  • Your kids’ ages and what they will need for school: That way, you will know if you need to add more electrical sockets, shelves, storage, and others. You also need to consider how they will grow since you never know just how much they will grow taller and more prominent as they hit their growth spurt. Make room for growth, not just for your kids but also for how many more kids you’re planning to have in the future.
  • Personal interests and favorites: What are their favorite colors? How about their favorite cartoon characters, books, toys, plushies, and others? If you surround them with their favorite items as they study and do their homework, they will feel most comfortable and at home. They will be more likely to look forward to doing their schoolwork every day.
  • Invest in additional kitchen spaces or surfaces: If there are no extra spaces in your home, make sure to invest in an oversized kitchen island. This is one place your kids can do their homework while you cook or where you can receive your guests.

Extended outdoor and indoor spaces

If you want to make the home feel more expansive than it is, you’ll need to find ways to extend the indoor and outdoor living spaces. A living room with a massive glass door that opens up to a deck or porch will be perfect for family members who want alone time without feeling too isolated from others. The feeling of comfort and warmth will be even more exponential if the doors open to a swimming area. This area can be where you and your kids can have some fun barbecue parties during summer.

Multiple studies show that your environment can significantly affect your entire well-being. Raise happy and healthy children by investing in your house. It will be their haven and sanctuary in an increasingly stressful world, and they will thank you for it.

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