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Construction Schedule Templates

by Yolando B. Adams

Using a Gantt Chart in your standard enterprise timetable and task schedules will make sure your construction commercial enterprise operates efficiently and your projects run easily.

Producing and coping with a construction undertaking schedule can be a task for lots construction enterprise owners. In order to be powerful, the development mission agenda need to be each accurate for the quick-term and flexible for the lengthy-time period.

Communicating the construction mission agenda each week to your crew and your clients ensure that goals are met and expectations are clear.

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In my previous post, I mentioned why your weekly scheduling meeting is the maximum essential assembly in your construction commercial enterprise and a 5-step procedure for streamlining this meeting.

Now which you understand the way to conduct the weekly scheduling meeting, you need a tool to display this information on your group.

But before you could do this, you need to ensure to outline the kind of agenda you need to talk.


Everyone concerned in a construction challenge – the owner, the dressmaker, the overall contractor, the alternate contractor, and personnel – has a schedule (small ‘s’) of their minds.

But the best factor that subjects is the Schedule (huge ‘S’).

The Schedule (big ‘S’) is the goal – reality-based.

An agenda (small ‘s’) is subjective – opinion-primarily based.

For example:

Asking the question, “What’s the timetable,” might also produce a theoretical solution based totally on inaccurate information.

But asking the question “Where’s the Schedule,” implies there is a tangible record that suggests the plan for the development challenge.

If the Schedule isn’t written down and dispensed to the humans worried, then the Schedule doesn’t exist. An agenda exists, and that agenda (small ‘s’) can also fluctuate from individual to individual.

A simple and effective scheduling method is the Gantt chart.*

*Click right here for the history of the Gantt chart.

A Gantt chart presentations the workflow breakdown (levels/duties) of the venture along the y-axis and the period of the personal challenge duties that make up the workflow breakdown at the x-axis. The length of the character responsibilities are represented by a bar, and the progress of each task can be shown through shading the corresponding portion of the project bars.construction companies

Here’s an example of a primary Gantt chart:

Building upon the fundamental format of the Gantt chart, allow’s take a look at the 2 forms of schedules that maximum residential creation companies can use to speak the Schedule in your clients and employees.

Note: The examples listed beneath may be utilized in commercial production as well. But industrial projects have a propensity to be more complicated in nature and therefore require additional scheduling techniques. These extra methods include Critical Path, PERT, and Line of Balance

A typical Company Schedule presentations the scheduling statistics for all current, upcoming, and ability projects.

The advantages of making a Company Schedule are the capability to look how a long way out your employer is booked, where conflicts among initiatives can also exist, any gaps in paintings, and when the foremost and minor occasions (milestones) are required.

For instance:

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Let’s say that your common assignment length is 10 weeks from start to finish with a 2-week pre-construction segment.

You have two crews to be had to dedicate to any given undertaking at a time, and feature capability tasks that may come online in the next three weeks.

This is what your Company Schedule may additionally appear to be:

Here’s what this Company Schedule is displaying:
1. The Smith assignment is on schedule.
2. The Jones mission is falling at the back of.
Three. The group that is running the Smith project will visit the Miller project subsequent.
4. The crew that is running on the Jones venture will go to the Van Dyke task next.
5. Any new work must not be scheduled to start earlier than the 0.33 week in February.
6. The schedule is extensive open close to the middle of March.

In the instance, above I used three task gadgets to symbolize the length of the undertaking – Pre-Construction, Production, and Close-Out. You can spoil each undertaking down at the employer schedule into phases or you can use one challenge item to represent the period of the undertaking.

A simple Company Schedule will help you spot precisely wherein and when work ought to be located on the Schedule so as to finish tasks in an efficient manner. There’s no way to hold all this data in your head without lacking essential statistics.

I might propose updating the Company Schedule during the weekly Scheduling Meeting (see this put up as a way to conduct a Weekly Scheduling Meeting).

Now that you have a usual and huge outlook on the Company Schedule, it’s time to supply the Project Schedule.


The Construction Project Schedule is the playbook for well-timed completion of the man or woman projects within a construction business enterprise.

The Project Schedule suggests the character duties and phases of the task, their associated durations, their sequencing necessities, and their dependencies upon each other.residential construction projects

This is wherein the Gantt chart truly shines.

All that records can be displayed in a clean to take in a way.

Here’s an example of an easy creation undertaking:

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This simplified version of the Project Schedule shows the itemized duties and phases in conjunction with the overall series of occasions and the milestones related to finishing touch of each phase.

Every assignment agenda will differ, however, you could save time via building templates for each type of challenge which you perform. Once you’ve got your templates constructed, then you can reproduction your Project Schedule template and edit as required.

Here are the fundamental steps in building your Project Schedule:

List the Phases of the Project.
Break down the levels into character tasks.
Establish the Milestones for each Phase.
Set the dependencies of each mission and any overlap which could occur among obligations.

Determine the Critical Path for the Project.

Publish the Project Schedule.
Review the Project Schedule each week and alter as needed.
Coordinate adjustments in the Project Schedule to the Company Schedule each week.
Developing and dealing with the person Project Schedules and coordinating these Schedules with the overall Company Schedule takes time. Dedicate time each week to reviewing and revising those Schedules and your productiveness will boom.

Your clients and personnel might be higher informed on what to expect and what to devise for.

You will reduce the pressure of going for walks your construction organization due to the fact you’ll be proactively working from the Schedule (huge ‘S’) instead of reacting to an agenda (small ‘s’).

I suggest using a scheduling software program that produces a Gantt Chart. I even have used TeamGantt for years due to its simplicity and top-notch person interface.

TeamGantt isn’t a construction unique program but its simplicity and user interface make it clean for the newbie to get commenced on producing extremely good searching Gantt charts. It has other task management capabilities and functions like resource allocation, time monitoring, and communique options.

TeamGantt’s pricing is hard to beat.

They have a free version, but the paid version is cheaper for what you get.

If you’re searching out a greater complete project management software program solution, then CoConstruct and BuilderTrend are some desirable options. These packages are greater expensive but provide a production particular platform.

I actually have observed the extra complete the program, the better the fee and the steeper the learning curve. So deliver yourself a while.

There are a plethora of free excel primarily based Gantt chart applications, however, excel applications require a deep expertise in excel programming and aren’t as intuitive as the other Gantt chart software indexed above.local construction jobs hiring

Maintaining and communicating

An accurate yet flexible creation agenda is the key to effectively running your creative enterprise.

Plan the Schedule (massive ‘S’) every week and also you’ll avoid reacting to a timetable (small ‘s’) constantly.

Thanks for taking the time to study this newsletter. I absolutely admire and value a while. Please go away a remark beneath and permit me to know if you agree, disagree, or have any questions about this subject matter.

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