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Businesses that Survive and Thrive: Qualities that Ensure Success

by Yolando B. Adams

Most of us, if not all, have been checking out different businesses in this pandemic. It may be for retail therapy, or because you have been patronizing this brand ever since, or perhaps it is just a product you wanted to try. But what is noticeable is that the businesses that survive are those that have room for adaptability. But other things can make a business thrive regardless of the business landscape.


Target market

Any thriving business always considers and knows its potential customers—is it the youth, elderly, adults, or mothers? This strategy paves the way not only in identifying the possible product or services that they sell, but it also paves the way for the business to observe their changing needs and maybe even expand its market.

Your business is most indicative of who you are and what you genuinely love doing, as well as what you are the strongest at. Promoting to people you enjoy as a targeted audience is a distinct competitive edge. Make sure you have an impeccable web design that your target audience can access easily to know more about your products and services.

Plan and organize 

Every move that the business makes has to be well thought of and intentional. It is essential to plan and organize because it gives a picture of its objectives and long-term goals.

Effectiveness in planning and organizing has a lot to do with your capacity to think ahead and anticipate problems. Generally speaking, the more time you have to prepare something, the more likely it will be effective. In some cases, you will have no power over the time required to complete the tasks in your plans.


Creativity is evident in the way ideas are molded into reality. It can be through strategies that you implement or tangible things like enhancing and developing your product.

Being creative in your business is a way of thinking that motivates people to develop innovative alternatives to issues and turn those challenges into advantages for their business. It’s the reason why some enterprises dazzle their consumers with creative and brilliant concepts while others dwell on the same old ground. It acts as a means of motivation and creativity for the business.

Weigh the possible risks and rewards

Business is, in a way, a risky thing to do. One cannot have a complete guarantee that everything you sell will continuously escalate. But with such risks, you also consider what you gain from it. Then and there, you decide on which pawns you move.


Many businesses will underperform if they are unable to establish people’s trust; numerous sales prospects are lost when companies fail to develop stronger ties with potential customers. When you gain the trust and loyalty of your consumers, on the other hand, you have greater power to make choices such as raising prices. It is one way to help you gain customers’ acknowledgment and faith in what you provide to give them better services and goods.

Most products or services of a thriving business find it salient that what they sell to the market is worthy of the consumers’ money. This way, consumers continue to support and use your product/services. In return, a business continues to thrive off of it.


As we may notice, buyers give their ratings and reviews of the products they buy. Giving feedback is a form of communication. A wise producer considers the opinion and criticisms of their consumers through their feedback as this will help in knowing the areas to improve on.


Growth is probably the greatest takeaway in a thriving business. As a company undergoes different circumstances, you learn many lessons, form effective strategies, adapt to changes, and expand your scope.


A devoted business owner must have adequate time to manage their business and keep it on its toes. Time is truly essential; From creating transactions to keeping updates on the online world, the trends, and whatnot.


If there is a primary reason why businesses thrive, it is because of the profit. A business owner must be keen to recoup but at the same time calculate a price that is reasonable on the customers’ end.


A business does not become successful overnight. Some companies take years and years to flourish, become widely known, and develop. But alongside hard work, determination, and all things listed here, patience keeps a business thriving.

There are a lot more things that other thriving businesses can add to the list. But one thing is for sure, creating a company may be easy but maintaining it is a lot of work. Consider the ten things previously mentioned–who knows, someday, you might be the next business magnate.

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