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Anthony Bourdain: 15 Great Musician Encounters

by Yolando B. Adams

Rock & roll and Anthony Bourdain were natural health. So it made me feel that artists from Alison Mosshart to Josh Homme could pop up on his various shows, performing as culinary tour publications, ingesting buddies, performers, or all of the above. But in step with Bourdain’s adventurous spirit, he made a point of assembly up with musicians representing many one-of-a-kind regions and cultures. Over the years, his guests covered System of a Down’s Serj Tankian, African pop legend Youssou N’Dour, Morocco’s Master Musicians of Jajouka, and many extras. Here, in the wake of Bourdain’s tragic passing, we appearance again at a number of his most memorable encounters with musicians.


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Anthony Bourdain

Alice Cooper (No Reservations, 2008)

Bourdain’s experience throughout the U.S. Southwest takes him thru Arizona, in which he stops in at Alice Cooperstown in Phoenix to visit with the surprise-rock legend himself. The phase at Cooper’s now-closed theme eating place is super for just how ways it veers astray, with the digicam sitting still on the 2 for almost a complete 5 minutes as they move deep on baseball, referring to, amongst other things, fatherland loyalties, converting stadiums (“The old Tigers stadium smelled just like the Tigers,” Cooper says, which is seemingly a great factor) and bringing children to their first game. The whole thing has, in reality, nothing to do with food, song, or tour, but it’s a severely cool, revealing alternate nevertheless. Oh – and Bourdain chows down on Randy Johnson’s Big Unit (a 22-inch long warm canine, in Alice Coopers’city, communicate).

Das Racist (No Reservations vacation unique, 2010)

Bourdain decided to 1-up every different chef’s excursion specials by means of forgoing the typical cookie recipes and comfy fire scenes. Instead, he booked Brooklyn rap group Das Racist for a surreal track video. It begins with Bourdain cheerfully making ready to look for an ingredient inside the fridge only to find Himanshu Suri and Victor Vazquez’s heads in his egg carton. They then descend right into a stupid, Bourdain-referencing song, “Ek Sheesh.” Suri raps: “I’m from Queens, in which ain’t shit to do but prepare dinner/Watching Tony Bourdain, plus I copped his ebook/Plus I copped his look/That approach T-shirt and denim.” The bit ends with Bourdain musing that he “wishes to easy out [his] refrigerator extra frequently.”

Josh Homme (No Reservations, 2011)

Bourdain’s trip to the California wilderness took him to an area in which, in his very own words, “people start to vibrate at a specific pitch than they do someplace else.” And who better to be his manual and accomplice than the sort of very people – Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme. Together, the 2 go to a bizarre switch meet (what Bourdain calls “the Thunderdome network of off-the-grid carriers promoting the entirety possible”), power around in antique cars, or even record a song collectively – “Lonely T-Bird” – at Rancho De La Luna studios in Joshua Tree. Mostly although, they drink plenty and plenty of tequila, at one factor running off a previous nighttime’s hangover with a ham-and-cheese omelet that appears to be filled with a whole pig (Homme) and a huge plate of chili, onions, and eggs for Bourdain. “Mmm, grease,” the host mumbles appreciatively.


The Black Keys (No Reservations, 2012)

Bourdain welcomed the Black Keys onto No Reservations a pair years after the band had their industrial breakthrough with their 6th album Brothers. The trio joins up in Kansas City where they eat ribs and brisket at Woodyard Bar-B-Que in an episode that hilariously frames the Keys as a couple of random men who choose up Bourdain off the side of the railroad tracks in their nondescript van. At Woodyard, they talk about touring existence and what they ate after they had little money to waste on the road. “When we first began traveling, we had $five an afternoon that we ought to spend on food,” drummer Patrick Carney stated at some stage in the meal, noting Dan Auerbach’s penchant for wonton soup.

The Master Musicians of Jajouka (Parts Unknown, 2013)

While in Morocco, Bourdain met with a collection of musicians who inspired everybody from the Rolling Stones’ Brian Jones to unfastened-jazz pioneer Ornette Coleman: the Master Musicians of Joujouka. In the 2013 Parts Unknown episode, Bourdain sat in a circle around a fire and watched the ensemble sing and play drums, violin, and other stringed gadgets and pipes for what he knew as an “effective style of Sufi trance song.” “For years, if you were a rock god, you needed to come right here,” he said. “Take within the loopy percussion and strings and pipes that took you to some other place.”

Iggy Pop (Parts Unknown, 2015)

Bourdain and the Stooges frontman became not going pals in recent years. Pop seemed on a Parts Unknown episode that targeted Miami, where he lives, in 2015, but then Bourdain popped up in Queens of the Stone Age frontman Joshua Homme’s Pop document American Valhalla to interview the singer in his domestic. Bourdain also interviewed the British GQ singer, and the 2 posed subsequent to every different with their shirts off. “I wouldn’t have an idea again then in my dorm room that every one the one’s years later I’d be ingesting healthy with Iggy Pop,” Bourdain says within the Parts Unknown episode. “Barbecue shrimp for the godfather of punk; I get wild and crazy with a few roast kinds of beef.”

Questlove (Parts Unknown, 2015)

While Bourdain was in Miami placing with Iggy Pop, he also met up with the Roots’ Questlove. “Every time I test Instagram, you are ingesting with one among my culinary heroes,” Bourdain instructed the drummer and producer inside the 2015 episode of Parts Unknown. “You’ve eaten at Jiro. Also, [sushi legend Jiro Ono] seems to like you better than me.” Over deviled eggs, Bourdain and Questlove mentioned the variations between the sound of a dance song in Miami and other locales. Bourdain was so taken by way of his time with Questlove; he even published an editorial on CNN.Com about his excellent reveals with the drummer.

Margo Price (Parts Unknown, 2016)

Nashville’s legacies of a track, food, and the two’s marriage of the 2 are nicely documented territory but go away to Bourdain to unearth something new and exhilarating approximately the metropolis. A couple of years lower back, he traveled to Music City, in which he met up with growing united states famous person Margo Price, traveling her East Nashville home for a night meal and taking in a live show. In a publish written for CNN, Bourdain dubbed Price “a rustic song artist who reminds us what u. S. Music truly is.”

Alison Mosshart (Parts Unknown, 2016)

One of Bourdain’s most memorable musical coups was getting Kills and Dead Weather singer Alison Mosshart to throw a rock & roll residence party in his honor. As the bands crank it up within the living room of her Nashville compound – affectionately known as Disgraceland – Bourdain dutifully labors over the nighttime’s menu of pork dumplings, brisket, pulled pork, deviled eggs, and greater within the kitchen. It’s a testimony to the cool quotient of the visitors accessible that Dead Weather drummer Jack White plays only a humble background-position in the phase.

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