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Amid contentious campaign, GOP primary attorney general debate set

by Yolando B. Adams

Candidates searching for the Republican nomination for Oklahoma legal professional popular will face off for a debate Saturday, June 23, at the Tower Theatre in Oklahoma City. The debate will run from 2 p.M. To a few p.M., with doors commencing at 1 p.M.


Much like Wednesday’s GOP primary debate for exertions commissioner candidates, the June 23 GOP attorney standard number one debate will be hosted by NonDoc in partnership with the Tower Theatre, Let’s Fix This, and Generation Citizen.

Three Republican applicants are vying for their birthday celebration’s nomination, and all have shown their attendance on June 23:

Current Attorney General Mike Hunter
Air Force veteran and Osage County legal professional Gentner Drummond
Public defender Angela Bonilla
The number one election is ready for Tuesday, June 26. If a candidate receives more than 50 percent of the vote, they will face Oklahoma City Democrat Mark Myles — a public defender who has also served as a Logan County prosecutor — within the Nov. 6 fashionable election. Otherwise, a GOP runoff election might be held on Aug. 28.

To set a reminder about the June 23 GOP primary lawyer well-known debate, consider RSVPing to this Facebook event page.

GOP attorney general candidate websites
Oklahoma GOP attorney popular debate
Three Republican candidates for Oklahoma legal professionals are well known from left to right: Mike Hunter, Angela Bonilla, and Gentner Drummond. (NonDoc)
While Bonilla’s candidacy has been below the radar, Hunter and Drummond had been concerned with public criticism for weeks. Every spending heaps of bucks in radio and TV classified ads to define themselves even as finding traces of attack in opposition to the alternative.

Prospective citizens seeking out greater records approximately the candidates can go to their campaign websites right here:

Mike Hunter
Gentner Drummond
Angela Bonilla
Public debates
NonDoc and the GOP legal professional general debate’s companions are dedicated to encouraging and website hosting public political debates throughout 2018. Having already hosted a primary debate among Republican applicants for hard work commissioner, the institution is preparing for its June 15 debate among Democrats searching for the labor commissioner post. The organizations are also devoted to hosting runoff and fashionable election debates in 2018.

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