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Why You Should Adopt a Rescue Pet

by Yolando B. Adams

We often see people say, “adopt, don’t shop.” We see it shared on social media, plastered in a veterinary clinic, or some of your friends might even advocate it. There’s a lot of merit to adopting a rescue or a shelter animal. However, it is an important decision that brings quite an amount of things to discuss. It’s hard to think about all of the things necessary when adopting a rescue, but it’s more than makes up for it.

Adopt a Rescue Pet

Below are some of the reasons why you should adopt a rescue pet.

You’re Helping Save Lives

Of course, the number one reason why you should adopt is that it saves lives. Even if it’s just one life, it can help. And it doesn’t matter what the pet’s age is. The significant act here is that you’re rescuing a life, and that doesn’t stop there. Because you took an animal out of the shelter, the shelter is then free to take another rescue in. You’re contributing to a positive cycle of rescuing, making the impact of adopting one pet larger than one initially imagined.

You Will Receive Unconditional Love

Animals also have emotions. They recognized when someone saved them from a bad situation, and they understand when someone tries to show them love. There might be concerns with emotionally connecting to a rescue pet, especially if they’ve experienced a negative past, but this is a rare case. Shelter animals are often hungry for love and are ready to shower you with all the love and affection they’ve been bottling up.

It’s a Chance to Live an Active Life

You will live an active life, even if you didn’t particularly intend it. Just like owning any pet, adopting a shelter cat or dog has its own set of responsibilities; they’re still pets, after all. You will have to go out and take them for walks, visit the dog or puppy trainer or vet, or socialize with other pets and their families. Exercising won’t be boring anymore: you’ll have someone to jog with, and you can incorporate your pet’s exercises into your fitness schedule. Especially in the case of rescues, taking them out for social and physical well-being is a good case for you to live an active life.

You’re Backing The Fight Against Cruel Breeding

One of the pet community’s genuine concerns is the cruel (and illegal) breeding methods that confine pets into cramped and disgusting spaces. Mother animals are left tied to just breed and breed, making money for whoever’s running it, with very little veterinary attention. By going the adoption route, you’re helping by not supporting this cruel method, alongside helping your local animal shelter. This is giving back to the community at its most compelling: both the prevention of support to ill-doers and saving a life.

They Are a Constant Companion Who Will Accept You For Who You Are

If rescue animals can talk, they can probably sympathize with whatever you’re going through. Even if they can’t speak, they can show their concerns about you, and most of the time, they do! When rescuing an animal, you’ll find that they’re more willing to love and accept you for who you are. They’ll never judge you, and they’ll always be there for you- just as you change their life by giving them a second chance, they too can change your life by showering you with love.

Some Important Reminders

Of course, it’s not all sunny days and roses, especially if you’re adopting a rescue. Here’s a couple of reminders to help you stay realistic and optimistic about the situation:

Adjustments might take time. It probably won’t be that long, but don’t be surprised if your rescue doesn’t jump in your arms the moment you decide on them. It’s a process- they’ve probably been through a lot, and they’re bracing themselves.

Know their veterinary needs. Especially when adopting older pets, it’s best to know what medical maintenance they need. This will help save you from heartbreaks and make the whole process easier.

Choose the proper rescue for you. If you plan to be active, you shouldn’t pick a crippled pet. And vice versa; if you’re not a very busy person, maybe a physically incapacitated pet is better for you. Always think of how you would live with the rescue, and picture how you can adjust to each other. Who doesn’t enjoy the company of pets? They’re a joy to be around, and they’re adorable! But before you go out and buy a pet, there’s a lot of consideration that goes into it, especially the issue of adopting or buying.

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