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Solo: A Star Wars Story Featured A Fun Nod To The Empire Strikes Back

by Yolando B. Adams

Solo: A Star Wars Story may not be the cherished franchise’s excellent effort. However, it’s sincerely packed to the brim, complete with easter eggs, references, and callbacks to diverse films, books, TV shows, and greater from that galaxy ways, a long way away. And as folks who were paying interest will possibly realize, this includes one a laughing nod closer to The Empire Strikes Back.

If you’ll keep in mind, after Beckett brings Han and Chewie onto his team to help out together with his large coaxial heist on the earth Vandor, his companion Val isn’t very glad about his choice. She doesn’t have faith that the job will cross as planned and tells him they should’ve long gone to more professional criminals for assist – and one of those she mentions is none aside from Bossk.

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Bossk was one of the six bounty hunters that Darth Vader dispatched out to hunt down the Millennium Falcon returned in Empire Strikes Back. He didn’t do a brilliant task of that; the fact is informed; however, Star Wars derivative media has fleshed out the man or woman quite a bit and clarified why he’s considered one of the fiercest creatures inside the galaxy. The Clone Wars TV series discovered that Bossk changed into one of the bounty hunters that skilled Boba Fett.

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While the individual himself doesn’t display up in Solo: A Star Wars Story, there may be an interest backstage in bringing him back to the huge display – possibly in a Solo sequel. Co-author Jon Kasdan became talking to Screen Rant currently whilst he said the following:

“I think that if there’s ever some other any such, you’re going to have to either kill Bossk or me will be in it.”

Given how Ron Howard’s Anthology percent is acting in the intervening time, there won’t be a follow-up. But although that’s the case, there’s still a wish for the beloved bounty hunter. As we noted before, he also has ties to Boba Fett, who we understand’s getting his very own movie. So it’s totally feasible he should show up there as a substitute.

Either manner, Bossk’s name-take a look at in Solo: A Star Wars Story is actually a fun nod for enthusiasts to pick out upon and has us hopeful that we might also see him again at some point.

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