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How to Make a Living as a Food Blogger

by Yolando B. Adams

It’s all-too-easy to look at your favorite meals blogs and think about them as a pastime and now not the well-oiled and really regularly cash-making machines there. Look no similarly than Pinch of Yum, but, to see the economic potential in the back of such a lot of blogs. At one time, Pinch of Yum was very open about what it earns, and it earned lots. In November 2016—the ultimate time the blog posted a profits record—Pinch of Yum says it introduced in $95,197.34 via all its income avenues. If nothing else, that proves a meals blogger can make a completely moneymaking living posting recipes and other meals content material online.

Food Blogger

Of path, no longer all food blogs blossom into complete-time

Well-paying careers—nor have to them. Blogging for fun and to share recipes with the world is a worthy motive on its own, potential earnings apart. But in case you’re seeking to make a living as a meals blogger, there are a ton of instructions to heed from the lot who’ve been a hit.

Take Sweet Potato Soul blogger Jenné Claiborne, who labored for years to attain a stage of fulfillment that allowed her to walk away from her full-time gig as a non-public chef and commit extra time to her digicam and computer display screen. If you’re inclined to take the danger and positioned inside the work—running forty-some hours at a day-activity handiest to come back domestic and prepare dinner, take and edit photos, write recipes, and submit your content at night—Claiborne has some exquisite advice on how you, too, could make pretty the coolest dwelling as a food blogger.

1. Start, stat.

Here’s a well-known truth approximately meals blogs: many credit their visits to Google searches, i.E., you kind in “cauliflower soup” and Google returns a result from Cookie + Kate, a new-to-you vegetarian meals blog. Now, Cookie + Kate has a new reader—but it might not have attracted your interest had it no longer been for that Google search. By starting now, even before you’re in love with a blog name, you may build up a cache of content material on the way to assist raise your website in Google seek. “You can trace the call, purchase the domain, and refine the appearance later,” Claiborne points out. With your new weblog, try to “put up at the least once a week, especially in the beginning so you can build search engine site visitors in your website,” she advises.



Now, Claiborne publishes one blog submit, one video, and one e-newsletter every week, and she supplements her online content with social media extras. “I put up this regularly because it works high-quality for my companion and me,” she says. “If we had a bigger team, we’d do more.” While Claiborne doesn’t think about her paintings in terms of “how many sponsored posts will same a living cost,” as she puts it, she is aware this agenda allows her to pay each herself and her husband a month-to-month salary from their enterprise income. (She declined to disclose those actual numbers.) “Our earnings permit us to pay our prices and save,” Claiborne says. Expenses include groceries, that could variety from $50 to $100 every week, as well as website hosting and retaining the internet site, which could attain approximately $1,000 12 months, Claiborne stocks. Savings, she says, pay for taxes and investments into the business, among different financial savings goals. Plus, “we’ve month-to-month business profits goals that we try to grow every year or quarterly,” she says.

2. Start a newsletter.

“More than Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, a mailing listing is a first-rate manner to stay on human beings’ minds and let them realize about your paintings because you cross straight to their electronic mail inbox,” says Claiborne. The extra readers you have got—and the greater visits your web page gets—the greater appealing you become to ability advertisers and sponsors and the extra money you can desire to make from associate links. Claiborne makes use of MailChimp, which is free to use if you’re sending emails to fewer than 2,000 subscribers. (GetResponse, Emma, and Constant Contact are a few different paid alternatives.) “Send your e-newsletter as a minimum once per week, and be sure to ship your subscribers valuable content material,” Claiborne instructs. “In my e-newsletter, I consist of an introduction with a person be aware, a hyperlink to my maximum current video and blog put up, my upcoming occasions, recipes, and numerous links to my social media.”

3. Sharpen your search engine marketing capabilities.
We can’t say it enough: the more eyeballs you may get on your blog, the more you may (theoretically) earn as a food blogger. Another manner to draw more readers is by means of making sure all your content is search-engine optimized. “I use an easy plugin in for WordPress called Yoast search engine optimization to assist me to improve the search engine marketing high-quality of my posts, so that I may be ranked better on search engines like Google,” Claiborne shares. “Also, I use Google Trends to analyze how properly positive key phrases will do. And I use a free Chrome plugin called Keywords Everywhere to improve the excellent of my keywords used for my weblog.”

four. Look for numerous sources of income.

That cool $95,000 Pinch of Yum earned in a single month? It got here from 14 distinctive resources. Claiborne additionally earns her meals blogging in many approaches. She offers subsidized posts on her blog, YouTube channel, e-newsletter, social media platforms, and extra; she often accepts ambassadorships for products, and she additionally earns money from associate programs and links. Any of these assets can upload up—however simplest after time, Claiborne warns. (Her first sponsorship most effective paid a few hundred greenbacks, hardly the sort of money you want to make in a full-time task.) She suggests the usage of Social Blue Book, a device to help you to calculate how a lot you can anticipate fee on your offerings based totally on your present-day readership, web page perspectives, social media engagement, analytics, and greater.

Five. Become pals with other bloggers—and collaborate with them.
“I’ve used this method to help grow my Instagram and YouTube platforms,” which can in turn help develop your bottom line, Claiborne factors out. “Having blogger friends is likewise beneficial due to the fact they’re the pals who apprehend your process—and you may aid and assist each other alongside the manner,” Claiborne adds. “Being friends with different bloggers is outstanding for networking too. My buddies and I advocate each other for paid work with manufacturers all the time.”

Living Our Dream

One false impression of pursuing our dream is having to prevent residing our lives and doing something definitely distinctive. Excuses for no longer finishing the e-book and becoming an author are easily handy. We say we do not have the money. We say we are too busy elevating our youngsters. We say we do not have sufficient time because after all the hours we paintings on our jobs, by the point we get domestic and get everything else collectively, there isn’t always strength left for writing.

Now, these can be real scenarios, however, pursuing our dream comes to play properly in the middle of all of this. Pursuing our dream is going to motivate us to step out of our consolation zones and pass in an innovative manner. When we make a decision to live our dream, our current lives do not forestall. Rather the creative method makes a path via our lives. All we have to do is permit our creativity to get entry to.

We keep commitments to the whole thing and each person else and smash our personal commitments first. Creativity will by no means force its manner. It will pop out and play every time the door is opened. But beware! It is hard to corral creativity once we provide it the liberty it dreams.


One of the problems of dwelling our dream is the failure to keep to observe via. We begin the manuscript, however, we never finish. We end the manuscript, however, we by no means get it edited. We fail to do our research. We get it edited but we never ship it to be posted. Once more, we fail to analyze. We get it published, however, we by no means tell everybody about it. Life is going on all around us. We are absolutely participating everywhere else helping the lives of others but fail to see to it that our fires are continually burning on our own desires.

Then there are the one’s times you can self-sabotage your personal manner. One of the primary ways this is executed by using sharing your dream with the incorrect people, those known as dream killers. Sometimes you could need the applause or approval of people who are incapable or unwilling to present it. This can go away room for your self-assurance to be shattered. Waiting at the proverbial pat on the pinnacle which you never experience can block your private creativity. If now not handled well, it is able to cause you to abort or put off your dream of writing your ebook.

So what is the solution? Do you tell others approximately writing your e-book? Of route you do! But you proportion it with others who (1) are writing books in their own (2) are spending their power running on their private tasks or (3) people who you realize definitely love and assist you. These are the individuals who could cheer you on in case you correctly dug a hollow to your backyard.

Ultimately, residing your dream of turning into a creator is your obligation on my own. It takes consciousness, willpower, commitment and smart selection-making. Having these features in the region will manual your creative life in generating the e-book of your dream

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