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6 TV Show Characters That Give Us Endless Beauty Goals

by Yolando B. Adams

They are leading girls on TV, and with their stellar makeup and stylish tresses, they also set the splendor bar quite high
6 TV Show Characters That Give Us Endless Beauty Goals
Blair Waldorf (L) and Olivia Pope (R) (Image Credit (L): Gossip Girl 1165, (R): Scandal Fan Girl)

No, TV suggests aren’t just for leisure. Along with leaving us laughing heartily or bawling our eyes out, carefully crafted TV display characters also manipulate to look first-rate while they may be on screen. It isn’t always just their immaculate dressing, even though, with their flawlessly coiffed hair and rouge lips, those fictional TV show stars set sky-high splendor goals. Give those TV indicates an eye fixed, even if it is simplest for these 6 stunners and their terrific makeup appears.

1. Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project

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You could think that a TV show OB/GYN physician wouldn’t be visible without a white lab coat and thick spectacles; however, it’s no longer continually genuine in Mindy’s case. She frequently dons color-blocked ensembles, body-con clothes, and popping prints which she suits with dark described eyes, vibrant locks, and a vivid set of lips.

2. Shoshanna Shapiro, Girls

Starring along with a gaggle of gorgeous leading girls, Shoshanna was genuinely the most precise, in phrases of fashion and splendor. She is in no way shied far from a hanging makeup appearance and took every opportunity to strive for a new coiffure. Especially all through her Japan stay, Shoshanna experimented in addition with lots of pastel-toned hair and white eyeliner.

3. Olivia Pope, Scandal

Coming from an excessive flying legal career like hers, you wouldn’t think Olivia could be a traditional beauty goals candidate. However, she is. Regardless if it’s for a meeting or dinner, Olivia is the epitome of company elegant and in no way misses an afternoon of her well-groomed tresses, diffused eye make-up, and muted lips.

4. Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl

Coming from one of the maximum fashionables suggests on TV to date, Queen B gave us severe beauty desires with her every look. Like a style chameleon, she always modified her appearance from smokey eyes to glossy lips. But it became her signature hairband with mild waves and a rosy flush of color on her cheeks that we don’t forget the most.

5. Wilhelmina Slater, Ugly Betty

Since Wilhelmina stars at the backdrop of a style magazine of direction, she’s one of the most stylish ladies on TV. Wilhelmina is usually dressed to the nines and has gloriously voluminous tresses, smokey eyes, and nude lips to suit. She may additionally be an antagonist, but boy changed into she a gorgeous one at that.

6. Lady Mary Crawley, Downton Abbey

Set in 1800s England, Lady Mary may have the everyday Victorian style to her look; however, nonetheless is the most out of her sisters. With the lace and pearls she’s often clothed in, Lady Mary is generally visible in wavy curled hair, faultless pores, and skin, and rosy lips.

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Which of your favorite TV show characters have been splendor experts of their own proper? Tell us in the comments.

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